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Selling hot sams is a delicious and profitable business!

Karakol, Issyk Kul 

 Meerim Musaeva, along with her husband, bakes rosy samsa, makes mouth-watering hamburgers and sells juices.  The outlet is located in the market town of Karakol.  The place is lively and passable.  Therefore, the spouses' business is developing confidently.  But it was not always so.

"I have been a client of Kompanion Bank for 10 years.  Its first loan was taken for business development - to buy juices for this money.  At first it was hard, except for juices nothing more could offer its customers.  Later there was an idea to open a fast food point for the same sellers from the market as I, who can not leave their trading point permanently.  And, of course, for all customers who want to have a snack on the go.  So my husband and I decided to bake samsa and cook hamburgers.  Of course, we risked - starting own business is always a bit scary.  But now I can say that if everything is correctly calculated initially, then the risks can be reduced to zero, "Meerim shares her experience.

In addition to the fact that Musaev's spouses are successful entrepreneurs, they are primarily parents.  They have four children growing up: three daughters and one son.  Meerim talks about her plans: "The most important thing is to raise children and give them a good education.  Therefore, we will work hard and develop our family business.  My dream is to open a grocery store in the center of the city beside the fast food point.


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