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Cage housing of laying hens — example of a successful business

Balykchi town, Issyk-Kul oblast

Nazgul Sydygalieva is a successful entrepreneur and mother of five children. She took her first loan at the Kompanion as early as in 2005 to pay her senior son’s tuition.  In 2015 she found out that the specialists of Kompanion provide the real business plans, and also technical support and recommendations of agronomists and veterinarians.  Besides, all the information about the suppliers of necessary equipment and breed livestock farm is provided for the beginning businessmen.

"How to build a henhouse, what kind of laying hens should be kept to get the maximum profit, what is the advantage of breeding the chicken in cells, I learned about all this from the Kompanion specialists.” Nazgul told her success story. "On second thought, I decided to try starting a business and took a loan. I was right about it. The hens started laying eggs in the fourth month. I collect 300 eggs in a day and sell myself at the local market or to the nearest shops. Also we give some eggs to the large stores of the capital to sell. My younger sons help me a lot with the chicken farming. I dreamt of putting all of my five kids on their feet, and give them worthy education. My dream came true thanks to the good business plan and additional income from the cage housing of laying hens,” the strong woman shared about her success.

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