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Bank guarantee

Bank guarantee - is one of the most effective and reliable way to ensure the fulfillment of obligations.

 Kompanion Bank CJSC offers the following types of bank guarantees:

  • Tender guarantee (tender, competition);
  • Performance guarantee of payments;
  • Advance repayment guarantee;
  • Performance bond.

Advantages of bank guarantees:

  • Bank guarantee provides the opportunity to participate in the supply of goods (services) for state and municipal customers;
  • Bank guarantee makes it possible to obtain inventory loans from the counterparty, because a bank guarantee will ensure that obligation;
  • Bank guarantee provides the opportunity to receive a grace period for payment of money  in accordance with the contract for supply of goods (services) for the period of issue of the bank guarantee;
  • Банковская гарантия распределяет между заказчиком и исполнителем все возможные риски; Bank guarantee distributes all possible risks between clients and contractors;
  • Bank guarantee protects customer risks that are associated with periodic and advance payments;
  • Bank guarantee testifies to the artist abilities to fulfill the obligations stipulated in the main contract;
  • The cost of the bank guarantee is lower than the cost of credit products.

Terms of bank guarantees:

Commission for providing guarantees

On security of funds/deposit – 0,5% оf guarantee amount

On security of  real estate/moveable property – 5% per annum of guarantee amount

       Minimum 2000 KGS

Сhanging the terms of a bank guarantee


3000 KGS



Guarantee term

The term of bank guarantee depends on the term of the secured guarantee obligations


Funds/deposit or real estate/moveable property


Guarantee letter form is prepared exceptionally on the company letterhead of the Bank of security printing, signed by the authorized person of the Bank and sealed with the official seal of the Bank.

 If it is necessary, the Bank may confirm the authenticity of a bank guarantee at the official request of the Beneficiary.