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Client Protection Principles

Kompanion Bank aims to build long-term relationships with clients based on mutual trust, respect and integrity. Kompanion Bank is committed to the highest service standards and adheres to client protection principles adopted in the microfinance sector internationally. In April 2017, the Kompanion Bank successfully passed the independent certification of the rating agency MicroFinanza Rating, once again confirming the implementation of the principles of protecting customers globally promoted by Smart Campaign.This certification confirms that Kompanion adheres to the standards of socially responsible lending.

The Smart Campaign is a global effort focused on bringing together the leaders of microfinance to ensure the safety of microfinance clients, since they are the driving force for the development of the sector.

The independent evaluation made by the Smart Campaign signifies that Kompanion upholds a set of standards that ensure the appropriate design and delivery of financial products, prevention of over-indebtedness, transparency, responsible pricing, fair and respectful treatment of clients, privacy of client data, and mechanisms for complaint resolution.

It is worth noting that for the first time a Kompanion has received the Certificate of the Smart Campaign in 2014, becoming the first organization in Kyrgyzstan, which confirmed compliance with the client protection principles.

"α-" rating

In April 2014, Kompanion received an "α-" rating from international rating agency M-CRIL (Micro-Credit Ratings International Limited). This high insitutional rating signifies that Kompanion is a sustainable and financially sound organization focused on building long-term relationships with clients.

In summarizing their rating, M-CRIL commented, “Kompanion's board members have expertise in the financial sector and are involved in major strategic decisions. The financial institution has a strong management team and has experienced and well trained staff. Its Management Information System, Accounting, Internal Audit, cash management, and control systems are strong. Credit appraisal systems are good. Kompanion performs well in its adherence to client protection principles.”

European Microfinance Award

In November 2014, Kompanion became the first organization in Central Asia to have the honor of winning the 5th European Microfinance Award. The Award is granted to financial institutions for their innovative ideas with a view to promote best practices.

In 2014, 26 organizations from 19 countries participated in the 5th European Award on Microfinance and the Environment and presented their projects aimed at finding new solutions to global environmental problems.

Kompanion was selected based upon its Pasture Land Management initiative aimed at preservation of pasture lands and mitigation of soil degradation risks. This is an important program as land is the principal income source for rural people, while 70 percent of pasture lands in Kyrgyzstan are currently in a degraded condition.

By offering financial products and appropriate education through the program, the Pasture Land Management initiative is aimed at raising public awareness about pasture degradation problems, over-grazing on pastures near villages and under-grazing in remote pastures.