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On March 19th, 2013, the local development fair in Papan village of Osh oblast was held.
The Papan sub office started its work in February 2008, and now with a total staff of three employees, it serves more than 800 clients. The population of the region is mostly involved in agriculture and cattle breading, but the region is also known for their apple orchards.
The local companies engaged in the production and sale of seeds and seedlings, veterinary services and artificial insemination centers were invited to participate in the fair.
Both villagers and participants showed great interest in the fair as such events have never been held in this region before. The rural administration noted that the fair was organized at a high level. The useful information about cattle breeding and agriculture was spreading over actively. The villagers had many opportunities to ask questions directly to agronomists and veterinarians as well as the sellers of agriculture goods. Local people surrounded all the sellers; calves and fruit seedlings were especially popular.
The fair also had the social purpose: to encourage school children to development their creative thinking as well as popularize the sports activities. The Osh branch employees held drawing competitions based upon the tagline, "my household," among the pupils of third, fourth and fifth grades of four local schools. The volleyball competition was organized for elder children both for boys and girls teams. The winners were awarded with keepsakes from Kompanion.
Several events were held in the center of the village. They was a contest between villages on the subject “Nooruz,” where the villagers contested the best musical performance, the men competition Kurosh (wrestling) and Arkan tartysh (tug-of-war), as well as the volleyball competition.
In total, more than 1,000 people visited the event.   





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