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Drip Irrigation System: economical and convenient!

Kyzyl-Oruk village, Issyk-Kul oblast 

The family of Abdil Sydygaliev has always been ranching: breeding horses, cows and sheep. Early in life everything was easy, but with aging, managing the farmstead got more difficult. The senior brother told Abdil about Kompanion, which conducts free trainings on agriculture and funds businesses.

"In 2011, I attended the training on orchard management for the first time and met with the Kompanion agronomist,” Abdil Sydygaliev started his story. "The trainings were very interesting; everything was explained in plain and simple language. I have never been interested in agriculture before. But the Kompanion agronomist was telling about the profit of horticulture, variety of wood types, benefits of healthy eating for children and grandchildren, advantages of new technologies, such as the drip irrigation so passionately, that I started dreaming of  having my own garden,” remembered Abdil.

In 2014 the prospective gardener sold some of his cattle, and also got a loan. He spent half of the money for the construction of a land plot fence to protect the seedlings from cattle. The other half of the funds was spent for cultivation of land, well-sinking, purchase and installation of the drip irrigation system with a water tank of 6 ton volume. Following the advices of the agronomist, the farmer bought seedlings. Now the family of Abdil has its own garden: 500 apple saplings are planted on one hectare of land. There will be the first harvest and income in just a couple of years! 

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