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Spring is advancing and sowing works are in full swing. Meanwhile the contributions of our Development Department to the development of communities was highly estimated by local self-government and in February our Uzgen branch received an official letter with the request to participate in the workshop on sowing works. Our agronomists were offered to hold trainings on compost and using it during crop sowing.  

The workshop was held on 5th of March, 2013. All specialists from the Uzgen Regional Agrarian Development Department, the heads and main specialists from rural districts and all farmers concerned participated. Overall, the workshop brought together more than 100 people. 

The theoretical part of the workshop was held in the recreation center of Ak-Jar rural district and the practicum was held in the household of local farmer Mamytzhan Joldoshbaev. Mamytzhan is a participant of Eco Garden Initiative. In October of 2011, after attending the training, Mamytzhan started to make compost and use it for sowing rice. He received an excellent yield of high-quality and ecologically safe rice. Mamytzhan's profits included 60 centers of paddy (rice in the husk) from one hectare and 65% of polished rice at the end.      
Representatives from all rural districts gained valuable knowledge and skills on the subject of compost, the economic and ecologically safe fertilizer for crops.
Additionally, the representatives of almost every regional organization participated in the workshop (Water Department, Seed Inspection, Veterinary Department, Department of Plant Protection, the main specialist of Regional Agrarian Development Department). The major part of the workshop was centered upon the presentation of Kompanion’s Development Department specialists. Kompanion’s mission and goals were represented by Murataly Jolboduev, the veterinarian of Uzgen branch and the practical part on compost making was held by Mamat Alikulov, the agronomist of Uzgen branch. 




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