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"It is profitable to engage in animal husbandry together with Kompanion!" - Sharshen Asakeev

Sharshen Asakeev, the resident of Karakol city, received both financial funds on business development and valuable consultations on animal husbandry from Kompanion FG. Today, there are two breeding cows and a calf at Sharshen's household that generate good additional income. 

In 2010, Sharshen moved to Karakol with his family. "We had to survive somehow, to begin with something. I tried to be engaged in various types of business, but I did not succeed. In 2012, I decided to work with animal husbandry. However, the purchase of nondescript cows didn't bring sensible incomes. 

In 2014, when I came to Kompanion to get a loan, a veterinarian of the company suggested me to benefit from investment to purchase of breeding highly productive cow. We have done economic calculations of future expenses and income, and I saw a real opportunity in making good income. 

Kompanion also provided me addresses of several breeding farms where I bought a cow of an Alataus breed using the loan funds. This is where our family business of sagination and cultivation of brood cows started to develop. Then I bought one more cow and built a warm shed for cattle (again, as advised by the veterinarian from Kompanion). That had a favorable effect on the health and efficiency of cattle. Today, the sale of 40 litres of milk a day yields a good profit of KGS 1,000. One litre of milk costs KGS 25 in the market. We milk cows in the morning and in the evening. I look after them, clean them, and take them to pasture. I keep their diet diversified, according to a menu that was developed by the veterinarian. We have got the first offspring already - a calf," shared his progress Sharshen. "The benefit from business of maintaining brood cows is obvious.” 

“I would recommend people to work with Kompanion. Why not? They will tell you everything if you need, and will show you everything in action. All you have to do is develop!" he added.




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