26 September 2023

On 24 September 2023, Kompanion Bank successfully held the 16th annual Apple Festival in the Masy village, Nooken region, Zhalal-Abad oblast, with the support of partners and representatives of administrations of oblast and region. The event, which attracted more than 500 guests and 40 entrepreneurs, was a vivid demonstration of the richness of rural life and culture.

The main purpose of the event is to develop horticulture and strengthen market links between buyers and sellers of farm produce.

"Our aspirations are aimed at helping farmers and orchardists to produce products in demand among buyers and suppliers. The Apple Festival is an opportunity to showcase their efforts and share experience", - said Natalia Fefilova, Member of the Management Board of Kompanion Bank, opening the festival.

Taalaibek Ishenbekovich Akim of Nooken region, Eldiiar Nasirdinov, director of Nooken branch of the Bank, and local aqsaqals also took part in the opening ceremony. They emphasized the importance of supporting rural entrepreneurship and rural development in Kyrgyzstan and thanked Kompanion Bank for such an initiative.

Entrepreneurs presented a variety of products at the fair, including fresh fruit, handicrafts, confectionery, gardening equipment, fertilizers and much more. Guests of the event had an opportunity to buy products directly from the producers.

The entertainment part of the festival included performances by folk artists, children's ensembles, contests, including the awarding of winners in the categories "The Biggest Apple", "The Smallest Apple", "The Best Festival Outfits", "The Best Design of Fruit Baskets", "The Best Pie Design", "Musical or Dance Numbers", "The Best Handicraft". And the main event of the festival was the Apple Parade, where 15 varieties of apples from all over Kyrgyzstan were presented.

Special attention was paid to consultations from agronomists of the Kompanion Bank. Agronomy specialists provided free advice to guests on the selection of fruit tree varieties, proper pruning, fertilization and environmentally friendly production. It should be noted that Kompanion Bank is the only bank in Kyrgyzstan that supports the community of rural entrepreneurs and has a training and support department with 15 highly qualified agronomy and livestock specialists.

Kompanion Bank has been organizing the Apple Festival annually since 2006 and continues to support the development of rural areas and entrepreneurs throughout the country. The event has become a tradition that promotes agricultural development and strengthens ties between farmers and townspeople.

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