30 October 2023

With the support of Kompanion Bank, 1000 copies of the book "Finans Zhana Invest Esepter" were published, which is aimed at increasing financial literacy among the population of Kyrgyzstan. The book is unique in that it is written in simple mathematical language and complex topics are explained by the example of fairy tales and life situations. It teaches how to properly manage money.


The authors of the book are Professor, Doctor of Economic Sciences of the University of Central Asia Kydyraliev Syrgak Kaparovich, Professor, Candidate of Physical and Mathematical Sciences Manas Kyrgyz-Turkish University Urdaletova Anarkul Burganakovna and Professor, Doctor of Economic Sciences Kamchybekov Tolobek Kadyralievich.

The presentation of the book authors hold in educational institutions of the country. The book has already been familiarized with the regional educational institute in Karakol and the Manas Kyrgyz-Turkish University. The ceremony was attended by representatives of the National Bank, Companion Bank, rector, teachers and students.

"This book contains topical issues related to the calculation of interest on interesting examples, as well as examines issues through life situations", - said Musuraliev Kubanych, Head of Financial Literacy Department of the National Bank of the Kyrgyz Republic.

Within the framework of these events, Kompanion Bank presented 30 books to the Institute in Karakol and 150 books to Manas University, which will be used by students of the University of Economics. And also the Bank plans to distribute the books in all regions of the country.

"The book will be useful and interesting for every citizen, from young children interested in finance and math to representatives of the country's financial sector," said Urdaletova Anarkul.

Kydyraliev Syrgak, in turn, added that the book can help guide the younger generation to confident and competent financial management, which will ultimately contribute to the economic development of the country.

It should be noted that Kompanion Bank is not only a leading financial institution in Kyrgyzstan, but also takes an active part in the formation of a financially literate society capable of making informed and responsible financial decisions for their well-being.

"Bank Kompanion is the only bank in the country that has a community support department, whose specialists actively conduct various events and programs aimed at improving financial and digital literacy of the population. This includes seminars, webinars, educational events and initiatives that enhance financial management skills," said bank’s representatives.

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