Money transfers in national currency at Kompanion Bank branches:

  • Cashless transfers under clearing system (reception time until 11.00 am)*
  • Cashless transfers in national currency under GROSS system (reception time until 3.00 pm)**

 To make a transfer you need to:

  • have an account in the Bank;
  • replenish your account with the amount of transfer and commission;
  • provide necessary details for payment.

Transfers under clearing system and GROSS system are interbank non-cash transfers within the territory of the Kyrgyz Republic. Transfers are made from payment account of sender to payment account of recipient. Difference between GROSS and clearing is in their speed and volume. GROSS is used for large and urgent payments.

*Amount of one bank transfer order under CLEARING is up to KGS 1,000,000

**Amount of one bank transfer order under GROSS system is above KGS 1,000,000

Aplicable tariffs for individuals

The list of documents to open an account

Account Opening and Service Procedure