Hire purchase consumer loan

Shop home appliances, electronics, mobile phones, furniture and more through hire purchase with Kompanion Bank.


  • No downpayment
  • No guarantee (for deals below KGS 100,000)

To apply for this offer, you need to:

1. Collect documents (see the list below)

2. Choose your purchase and get your pay slip

3. Show up at any Kompanion Bank office

4. Upon approval, sign a purchase agreement with Kompanion Bank

5. Pick your purchase from a shop

Documents you need to collect:

  • Your passport, plus a passport of your spouse and your marriage certificate (if married)
  • Other documents as requested by the Bank


Target clients 

Individuals and the self-employed aged 18 to 68.


  Pensioners having accounts with other banks need to open a pension account with Kompanion Bank when applying for this loan.

* For pensioners, monthly payments will be deducted from their pension accounts (after receiving a relevant letter of consent from a client).


Purchase of durable goods:

  • Furniture
  • PCs, laptops
  • Home appliances
  • Mobile phones, tablets and gadgets
  • Sports gear (except for sportswear)
  • Other


From KGS 2,000 through KGS 200,000

From KGS 2,000 through KGS 30,000 (for pensioners)


From 3 to 24 months

Nominal annual interest rate 


  29.9% per annum

Effective interest rate

  From 35.01%

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Loan Repayment Schedule

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