A loan for clients engaged in agricultural activities for the following purposes:

✔️ Increasing the number of livestock.

✔️ Purchase of feed, seeds, seedlings and fertilizers.

✔️ Repair of agricultural machinery.

✔️ Payment for the lease of a land plot, premises, warehouses, storage facilities

✔️ Acquisition of protective equipment for animals / plants and material resources for seasonal work.



• Loan amount: from 5,000 to 150,000 soms. 

• Loan term: from 3 to 24 months.

Annual nominal interest rate 27,5%

Annual effective interest rate 31.1%


Grace period - up to 6 months

✔️ Free consultations from highly qualified specialists of the bank in agronomy and animal husbandry on the following topics:

  • Efficient management of agribusiness to expand opportunities and increase income;
  • Use of modern agricultural technologies and methods;
  • Farm economic calculations;
  • Contacts of local suppliers.

✔️ Flexible loan repayment schedule

✔️ Without collateral and guarantee up to 100,000 soms for customers with a positive credit history for the last 12 months (before the date of application for an Agro loan).

✔️  For regular clients of Kompanion Bank CJSC, without collateral and guarantee up to 150,000 soms (only for clients with a positive credit history for the last 12 months).

* The Bank is not responsible for the final result of the borrower's activity. Consultations are provided at the Bank's offices and through other communication channels.

Who can get a loan?

Citizens of the Kyrgyz Republic from 18 to 68 years old:

  • Individual entrepreneurs engaged in the production and processing of agricultural products.
  • Individual agricultural producers engaged in crop and livestock production.

Required documents:

  • Passport of the borrower, guarantor and mortgagor;
  • Documents for collateral (if applicable), depending on the type of collateral provided - technical passport of real estate, title documents for real estate, vehicle registration certificate, etc.;
  • Documents confirming the ownership of livestock or farmland.

Loan disbursement

  • To payment cards of Kompanion Bank (the card is issued instantly);
  • In the Kompanion mobile application (connects instantly);
  • Through the cash desk of the Bank.

Commission for cashing out the loan according to the tariffs of the Bank.

Pledge and guarantee (if necessary)

✔️ Cash on deposit accounts with Kompanion Bank CJSC and / or movable property (equipment, machinery, livestock, etc.)

✔️  Auto vehicle and/or real estate..

✔️  Guarantor with verified income.

For more detailed information, please contact loan officers at the branches and outlets of Kompanion Bank or by calling 88 00 (toll free for mobile operators of the Kyrgyz Republic).

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