Kompanion conducted “The Green Shoots of the Future” campaign in all areas of Kyrgyzstan

18 May 2015

In early May 2015 Kompanion conducted its traditional environmental campaign called “The Green Shoots of the Future” aimed at preservation of natural resources and raising the younger generation’s awareness of how important it is to protect environment. During the events that took place in all areas of Kyrgyzstan the Company employees arranged the work to plant seedlings and landscape territories in a range of childcare institutions. Kompanion’s agronomists taught pupils and employees of kindergartens and boarding schools how to tend gardens properly, conducted demonstration lessons on tree planting and cutting and gave crop production consultations.

“Sprouts were exactly what we needed. The kindergarten is new, it opened last year. Landscaping was made entirely at our own expense. We learned helpful tips from agronomists and applied them practically straight away. Kompanion employees planted flowers and tree seedlings. In the fall, when everything breaks into flower, we’ll see the results,” Alima Suyunalieva, Head of the Kun Nuru Kindergarten No. 1 (Toktogul town), shared.

Kompanion has been conducting “The Green Shoots of the Future” campaign in orphan houses, boarding schools, kindergartens and schools for children with disabilities since April 2011. The campaign is aimed that after planting seedlings of trees foster children of childcare institutions will take care of them, nurturing their “green” future. 

As event organizers note, a special attention shall be paid to environmental education of rising generation, because conservation of natural resources is an integral part of the sustainable development.   

“This project is aimed to execute two strategic goals of Kompanion – promote good management practices of natural resources conservation and build healthy, financially stable communities. For many Kompanion clients gardens are becoming a source of income. This is a great example that by using natural resources it is possible to contribute not only to protection of environment, but to generation of an asset that brings income,” Ulanbek Termechikov, Chief Executive Officer of Kompanion Financial Group Microfinance CJSC, said.



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