4 September 2020

Dear clients! 

Kompanion Bank, together with Megafon, is launching a service that will enable fee-free top-up of ELCARD cards of any bank in Kyrgyzstan. The new remote replenishment method will provide more comfort and convenience to all clients in using financial services regardless of distance. Now clients have two options for replenishing Elcard cards from Russia: 

Payments via Megafon outlets:

  • 1. Inform a teller you’d like to top up an ELCARD card of Kompanion Bank;
  • 2. Inform how much you’d like to replenish and provide a card number;
  • 3. Check and sign a payment slip;
  • 4. After the payment, a teller will give you a receipt.  

Keep the receipt until the funds are credited to the card.

Payments via Megafon terminals:

  • Type “Kompanion Bank” in the search bar;
  • Enter card number and amount;
  • Check and confirm the details; 
  • After the payment, the terminal will issue a receipt.  

Keep the receipt until the funds are credited to the card.

The funds are credited instantly. The fee is 0%

When topping up ELCARD cards, a sender of the funds will see the exchange rate and the amount as of the time of transacting the transfer.

The following fees have been established for withdrawals from ELCARD cards:

  • 0.4% of the amount for ELCARD cards of Kompanion Bank;
  • xx% of the amount for cards of other banks (check the fees of other banks at their official websites).

Maximum top-up amount

Via Megafon terminals:

  • RUB 15,000 per transaction.

Via Megafon outlets:

  • RUB 600,000 per transaction.

For details, call 0 (312) 33-88-00 or 88 00 (toll-free for mobile in KR).

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