Pay for goods and services in installments!


  • 0% interest rate;
  • For services without collateral and guarantees (medical services, tourism, repairs, etc.);
  • From KGS 2 000 up to KGS 200 000;
  • Application processing time up to 30 minutes;
  • Large network of partners (check with the Bank's branches)

Чтобы быстро и легко получить товар в рассрочку, необходимо:

In order to quickly and easily purchase the goods in installments:

1. Collect documents.

2. Select a product and receive an invoice for payment for the product. (information about partner stores must be clarified at the Bank's branches)

3. Apply to Kompanion Bank branch with documents.

4. Get approval of the application and conclude an agreement with the Bank.

5. Pick up a purchase in a store or use a service. 

Required documents:

  • Passport;
  • Salary certificate;
  • Patent and/or certificate of an individual entrepreneur;
  • Statement from the pension card account.
Loan Repayment Schedule

Данные расчеты являются примерными. Более точные расчеты кредита вы можете получить у наших кредитных специалистов

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