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Payment cards

Elcard payment card of Kompanion Bank CJSC is an accessible and most importantly convenient and safe bank product.  It is designed to make non-cash payments in national currency: receiving salary, pensions, and social assistance payments on a card as well as paying taxes, custom payments, insurance payments, utility and other payments. 

Advantages of Elcard payment cards of Kompanion Bank CJSC:

  • making payments for products and services
  • making utility payments
  • receiving mini account balance statement and SMS notifications
  • money transfer CARDEX allows to send money fast to cards of your relatives in all regions of the Kyrgyz Republic
  • 24 hours cash withdrawal service access throughout the Kyrgyz Republic’s territory thanks to the Kompanion Bank’s and partner bank Demir Bank’s wide ATM network.

Kompanion Bank offers Bank Products Based on Elcard Payment System:

1. Elcard Payment Card «Salary Project» - National payment system card designed for employees of government and private organizations.  It offers free card emission, salary transferred directly to the card !

2Elcard Payment Card «Pension Card» - This is a modern and convenient way of receiving pension on an Elcard payment card. Card offers 5 % accrual of interest for remaining balance of a card. It offers free card emission and free card service.

3. Elcard Payment Card «Individuals»- This is a convenient and reliable way of cash withdrawal and/or saving money on a card in national currency. It allows purchasing goods and services using card, as well as making other payments and transactions. The service is free in the first year.

4.«Deposit» Elcard payment card- debit card with an accumulation function. With its help you can not only make purchases of goods and services, but also make savings! Interest accrual is provided for on the amount of the minimum balance - up to 12% per annum! For more information, please click here.


Card Emission and Card Service Rules of Kompanion Bank CJSC

Tariffs for issuing and servicing the Elcard payment card